Benefits of Getting an MMJ Card in The Legal States

Benefits of Getting an MMJ Card in The Legal States

Medical cannabis is now legal in 33 states along with Washington D.C. So, it is safe to say that medical cannabis has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. More and more people are now considering getting a medical marijuana card in Fremont, CA to gain access to medical cannabis. It is known for helping people deal with symptoms associated with various health conditions. But why do you need a medical cannabis card in a state where recreational cannabis is also legal? Today, we are going to answer this question by looking at some of the top benefits of a medical cannabis card.

It all started in 1996 when Prop 215 allowed the people of California access to cannabis for a medical need. After this, more states started considering legalizing the medical use of cannabis. But when it comes to getting an MMJ card in a legal state, is it worth it? Well, the answer to this question is “yes”. There are many benefits of getting a medical cannabis card; from dosage to affordability. Having said that, here are the top benefits for medical cannabis cardholders.

Benefit 1. Lower Costs And Taxes

The biggest benefit of a medical cannabis card is that you can save a lot of money. The state-licensed medical dispensaries offer a lower cost for MMJ cardholders. This is extremely beneficial for people who are suffering from certain medical conditions and rely on medical cannabis. Many states like California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Oregon provide tax breaks for people having a medical marijuana card. An MMJ card can help in saving you up to 25 percent in taxes in certain states.

Without a medical cannabis card, you will have to pay high taxes for your medication. But with this MMJ card, you get concessions that recreational users do not get. You gain access to cannabis for a fraction of the cost that recreational users pay.

Benefit 2. Higher Potency And Limits

When using medical cannabis, you have to pay attention to the dose. Dosage is very important to get the desired results. There are many patients who require cannabis of high strength to deal with their symptoms. This is why it becomes crucial for these people to get hold of high potency cannabis. This is where a medical cannabis card can help you. Recreational shops have to abide by potency limits, but medical dispensaries often have more leeway. 

Usually, medical dispensaries are allowed to sell stronger cannabis. So, if you have a medical cannabis card, you can access this cannabis of high potency. In California, recreational users can only buy up to 1000mg of cannabinoids each time. But a medical cannabis cardholder is allowed to buy up to 2000mg of cannabinoids. So, you get a higher threshold with an MMJ card. However, you should be familiar with the laws in your state, as different states may have different potency limits. In states like California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon, you can easily gain access to cannabis of higher potency. 

Benefit 3. Grow According to Your Needs

Before discussing more of these benefits, you should keep in mind that not every state medical state allows patients to grow cannabis at home. Other than this, a couple of states only allow you to grow your own medicine if you happen to live a long distance from the nearest dispensary. This distance is usually more than 25 miles. Also, a few states only allow you to grow cannabis if you are a medical marijuana cardholder. And other states allow you to grow more with a card than any other recreational user.

For example, in California, recreational growers are permitted to grow up to six plants in their homes. But medical cannabis card holders are allowed to grow up to 99 plants if they apply for a growers license. This way you can grow your own medication at your home according to the requirement of your medical condition. This is really helpful to people who rely on medical cannabis for their wellbeing.

Benefit 4. Higher Possession Limits And Cannabis Patients Under Age 21

With a medical cannabis card, you can carry more cannabis than any other recreational user. You are permitted to carry up to 8 ounces in California. On the other hand, recreational users are allowed to carry only up to 1 ounce. And up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrates.

In every state, the person must be at least 21 years of age for the recreational use of cannabis. But with a medical cannabis card, people who are 20 and under are allowed to access medical cannabis. The people between 18 to 20 years of age can access medical cannabis to deal with a certain medical condition. 

Also, every state that has legalized medical cannabis has laws to allow minors to access medical cannabis. But the minor must have the assistance of a named caregiver. The form of cannabis and its potency may vary from state to state.

A Few Cons of a Medical Cannabis Card

While you are learning about the benefits of getting an MMJ card, you should also be familiar with its cons. Here are some of them – 

Con 1. You Are Not Allowed to Legally Own a Firearm

The ATF has decided that people who have an MMJ card are not permitted to purchase a firearm. So, if you are a medical cannabis cardholder, you will not be allowed to own a firearm.

Con 2. You Will Not Be Able to Hold a Commercial Driver’s License

The Department of Transportation has not authorized the use of medical cannabis. Now, what does that mean? This means that any employee who tests positive for cannabis in a drug test will lose his/her job. Even a medical cannabis card will not be enough to save the job. But this rule makes sense, as you do not want intoxicated drivers to drive cars. In 2017, the U.S. The Department of Transportation clarified that even people who use cannabis for medical purposes are not allowed. If you fail in a cannabis test, it could lead to your termination.

Con 3. You Can Not Hold a Government Job

If you are an MMJ cardholder, you may lose your job if you are working for the Federal Government. It does not matter even if you are living in a completely legal state. After all, cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 drug on a federal level. It is still federally illegal. Also, there are plenty of non-government companies having a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cannabis use. However, you may find success in the court if you get fired from a non-government company.

Medical cannabis is still controversial. But slowly it is gaining popularity and respect, thanks to its medical and therapeutic benefits.


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