Here’s Everything You Need to Learn About Vape Pens

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Cannabis is gaining more and more popularity with every passing year. A lot of people are now choosing to consume cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. With simple 420 evaluations in Fremont, people can get their medical marijuana cards for their conditions. This MMJ card allows them to buy medical cannabis from any licensed dispensary. You can talk to 420 Doctors in Fremont online to get your MMJ card. This popularity of cannabis among people is making the cannabis industry grow well. And while more people want to consume cannabis, many look for different methods to do so. One of the best alternative methods is using vape pens.

Introduction to vaporizers

Not everyone is a fan of the traditional method of consuming cannabis, smoking. Smoking flowers can be a bit unhealthy for you, especially if you consume cannabis on a regular basis. One of the alternatives that are growing in popularity among people is cannabis vaporization. It is a more discreet method that is also healthier than the traditional smoking ways of consuming cannabis. You can find a variety of devices on the market that you can use to vaporize both flowers and concentrates.

One of the top benefits of vaping cannabis is that it is much healthier than smoking cannabis. Smoking includes combustion (the process of burning cannabis) that releases the tar and carcinogens. But, vaporization has a different process in which there is a phase transition from liquid to vapor. Vapor does not lead to the release of the tar and carcinogens as there is no combustion taking place.

Other than this, portable vaporizers are a great way to consume cannabis in an easy and discreet way. This happens because vapor produces a less potent aroma. Also, if you are a beginner then starting with vaporizers can be a good choice for you. It is easier to learn how to vape cannabis than learning how to smoke it. You can easily use a portable vaporizer and carry around it with you because it can easily fit in your pocket. And just like flowers and concentrates, the onset time of vaping is rapid.

What vaporizers actually are?

In the vaping cannabis process, the cannabis flower or concentrates are heated. The heating is done enough to turn the cannabinoids and terpenes, basically the active compounds, into vapor. As we discussed above, vaporization is a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis because it happens at temperatures that do not lead to combustion. And hence, there is no release of harmful tar and carcinogens.

Most of the vaporization devices that you find on the market are designed to heat cannabis just below the point of combustion. The temperatures vary between 180 to 190 degrees Celsius or 356 to 374 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you are a medical cannabis user, vaping can be the best option for you because it increases the number of activated cannabis by-products. This potentially increases the health benefits of cannabis for you.

While more research is needed to see the long term health effects of vaping cannabis, various studies show the health benefits of this method of consuming cannabis. In 2007, the researchers found that vaping cannabis can help in decreasing respiratory symptoms in regular cannabis smokers. Though vaporization increases the amount of cannabis a regular cannabis consumer smokes, it also decreases respiratory symptoms. Now, when it comes to vaporizing cannabis, there are many methods to do it. Read along to learn about some of the most common ones.

Tabletop Vaporizers

You can figure it out by the name, tabletop vaporizers, that these are stationary temperature control units. You need a solid surface upon which you have to keep them. You can find tabletop vaporizers in different varieties on the market. Although, every unit will include the four main features, and these are –

  • A temperature dial that regulates the temperature.
  • A heating element to heat the flower and concentrate.
  • A heating chamber when you have to put your flowers or concentrates.
  • A mouthpiece attachment.

There are some tabletop vaporizers that come with a bad to collect the vapor. This bag is detached before inhalation. There are others too that use a long tube attached to the heating chamber. This tube lets the vapor travel directly from the heating chamber to you. This style of tabletop vaporizers are mostly used for vaporizing cannabis flowers. Once you figure out how to use one tabletop vaporizer, you will likely be able to use others as well.

If talking about the functioning, you can also consider electric nail (e-nail) dab rigs as table top vaporizers. This way you can vaporize concentrates using an electric nail.

Portable Vaporizers

As the name suggests, portable vaporizers are the ones that are portable. These are small, discreet vaporizers and can be carried around easily. They operate in a similar way as tabletop vaporizers. A portable vaporizer includes –

  • A chamber that holds the cannabis flower or concentrates.
  • A heating element and a battery.

Most portable vaporizers come with variable temperature control devices that you can operate with just the click of a button. It can also be operated with the turn of a small dial. When you do this, it activates the battery, and heating of the element begins. This vaporizes the flower or concentrates present within the chamber, and vapors are then sent into the mouthpiece for you to inhale.

You can use portable vaporizers to consume various forms of concentrates. These include badder, shatter, and budder as well as flower in some cases. You should always consider the ways you want to consume your cannabis before buying a portable vaporizer. Because you can find many portable vaporizers of different styles and designs. So, choose a portable vaporizer according to your needs and preferences. Go for the one that is designed to accommodate the product of your choice. There are various portable vaporizers including dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, and hybrids.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are also known as “hash oil” pens. These types of vaporizers are designed to vaporize cannabis oils or distillates. These vaporizers are called pens because of their compact design that is very similar to a traditional pen. A vape pen comes with two pieces – a battery and a cartridge.

You can find a variety of vape batteries on the market that comes in various styles –

  • Button or buttonless
  • Cylindrical or rectangular
  • Large or small

You can find different shapes and styles to choose from according to your preferences. “Hash oil” vape cartridge has a mouthpiece, heating element, and a chamber. This gets activated once initiated contact with a vape battery. Oil or distillate fills the chamber of a vape cartridge. The oil or distillate has concentrated amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids of cannabis.

When you are deciding to buy a vape pen, you need to consider a number of things to get the right vape pen for yourself. Consider everything from the battery capacity to the type of vape pen. These factors decide the heat up time of the device along with the overall lifespan.

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