Reasons Why You Should Get an MMJ Card in a Recreational State

Getting an MMJ Card in a Recreational State

Over the years, 33 states in the US have legalized medical cannabis. So what does it mean for you? It means that if you are a medical patient with a condition that can be treated with cannabis, you can buy a bag and use it in your home without any questionable stares or interrogation by the police. But in order to do that, you will have to visit the MMJ Doctors in Fremont and get yourself evaluated for a medical card. 

But why do you still have to get a medical card in a recreational state? 

You can always take your state-issued ID card and visit any dispensary in your area and get yourself a bag of cannabis. Right? Well, believe me when I say that getting a medical card is not a vain step. Why? Let’s discuss it here.  

What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical Marijuana Card or cannabis card is an identification card that stands as proof of your registration with the government as a medical marijuana consumer. The patient can use the medical card to enter into a dispensary and buy whatever cannabis product they require for their condition. 

A medical marijuana card is issued only after a medical professional examines the patient’s condition to determine if they need one or not. The doctor then gives them a recommendation with a treatment plan consisting of the dosage instructions and other important details regarding cannabis. 

In some states like New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, recreational cannabis is illegal which makes medical cannabis card a necessity for anyone who wishes to use cannabis. But in states like California, Colorado and Alaska, anyone above the legal age of use can consume cannabis. So you may think why bother getting a medical card? Here’s why

Why do You Need a Medical Card in a Recreational State?

A medical card is your key to a world of privileges. In a recreational state, medical cannabis enjoys an upper hand compared to recreational cannabis. In fact, there are some privileges that can only be unlocked with a legit medical card. Without further delay, let me take you through the advantages of having a medical card in a recreational state. 

Lower Age Limit

Every state has a specified age limit that decides legal cannabis use. In the state of California, the age limit for legal recreational cannabis use is 21 years. However, the age limit for medical cannabis is lowered that allows younger patients to have access to medical cannabis. So for all the people with a legit medical card the legal age limit for cannabis use is 18 years. 

Marijuana laws of some states also allow cannabis use for patients younger than 18 years. If they qualify the conditions and register a caregiver, a patient not above the legal age can also use medical cannabis.

Ease of Limitations

Everything related to cannabis use and sale is controlled and regulated according to the marijuana laws of the state. These laws include several limitations that have to be followed strictly. But with a medical card, you can experience some ease in these restrictions. 

The possession limit for recreational cannabis is one ounce. But for those with a medical card, the limit is 8 ounces to allow the patients to have the dose they need without the need to make frequent trips. 

Ease of limitation is also apparent in terms of traveling with cannabis. Crossing borders or flying with cannabis is a federal offense. But if you have a medical card or recommendation from a doctor, you can carry your dosage with you without any interrogations. 

Easy Access to Dispensaries

Since the legalization of cannabis, legal cannabis dispensaries also sprung up. But, not all dispensaries allow everyone. If you enter a medical dispensary to buy recreational cannabis, you will not be allowed to make a purchase. Recreational cannabis can only be bought in dispensaries that sell recreational cannabis. But there’s no need to be worried about such issues with a medical card.

Show your medical card to the person of authority and you will be able to enter any dispensary and buy any cannabis product you need. 

No Potency Limits

The government subjects recreational cannabis to a potency limit. This means that a recreational consumer does not have access to many strains and cannabis products. But if you carry your medical card to the dispensary, the budtender will show you all cannabis products including the ones with a high THC content

Medical cannabis does not have a potency restriction because some patients are recommended to use high potency cannabis for their treatment. 

Liberty to Grow Your Own Cannabis

Some states allow medical patients to grow their own cannabis at home. A medical card is your key to having cannabis in your backyard. And if you need more cannabis plants or potent strains, you can apply for a grower’s license. It allows you to grow up 100 square feet or 99 cannabis plants at home. 

The entire process is legal and safe as long as cannabis is for personal use only. If you use it for commercial use or pass it to others, you may have to face a penalty.

Tax Exemptions

Every state imposes sales and uses tax on all retail services including cannabis. Depending on the state laws, the tax can be anywhere from 6.5 percent to 9.47 percent. With every cannabis purchase, you would have to pay this tax as well. But if you have a medical card, you will be exempted from paying the sales and use tax. 


A medical card if your key to money savings. While you save up to 28 percent with tax exemptions, you also get extra savings with discounts at dispensaries. Using your medical card, you can ask the budtender for various price points and discounts that are not available for recreational cannabis. 

How to Get an MMJ Card?

If you go the traditional way, you have to call a doctor or clinic near you, ask them for an available slot, and make your appointment. After waiting for some time the doctor will access your medical records, present condition, and then give you a recommendation or card. 

Nowadays, the process is much simpler and convenient. Without leaving the comfort and safety of your home, you can connect with an expert, complete your consultation, and receive your medical card. All you have to do is find an online clinic that you can trust and fill all the details they ask for. The staff will then connect you with a doctor for a video consultation. Take this time to clear all your queries about medical cannabis. Ask them all the relevant questions like what strain will work for you and how to be safe with cannabis. Also, answer all their questions with detail. It will help them plan out an effective treatment that will perfectly suit your requirements. After you qualify, you’ll receive the recommendation/card on your email that can be used immediately. 

Do you still think a cannabis card isn’t necessary in a recreational state? Now that you have all the points to prove otherwise, take 10 minutes out of your routine and get yourself a medical marijuana card today.

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