How Marijuana Benefits Your Skin

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If you begin reading about the benefits of Marijuana. You can end up on your phone for a very long time. Yes. it is that vast and very frequently updated. Those cannabinoids are really a discovery that humans can’t be thankful for enough. Every day, even as you read this, marijuana is helping hundreds of people around the world. And now that you can easily visit the best 420 doctors in Fremont, the use of medical marijuana has increased in number. So you can expect news about a new ailment that marijuana helped heal, every few days.

While this new data is regularly changing, there are some benefits of marijuana which are backed by enough research and anecdotal evidence. One of them is its effect on your skin. Cannabinoids affect your body by working on your endocannabinoid system. And the main components of this system are CB1 and CB2 receptors. Your skin, being the largest organ of your body, is covered with these receptors. The cannabinoids found in Marijuana act on these receptors and work their magic. They can behave as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial agents and are also loaded with antioxidants. All of these components can work individually or together to help with an array of skin problems.

If you aren’t aware, here are is a list to introduce you to marijuana’s skin benefits.

Pain Management

You back or knee pain can find relief with a CBD ointment. Marijuana can be very helpful to treat pain in a specific area. As your skin also has a good amount of cannabinoid receptors. The medical marijuana topical binds its cannabinoids with these receptors and helps you deal with the pain. The best part is that along with giving you fast results, using marijuana does not lead to psychoactive effects. This is because these topicals do not enter your bloodstream and stay on your skin. So your psoriasis, eczema or arthritis pain can be managed with marijuana.

Remember, since topicals do not enter your bloodstream and cannot break the blood-brain barrier, medical marijuana topical and other skin products can only be effective in the area it is applied.

Oil production and skin hydration

Cannabinoids play a major role in creating an oil balance on your skin. They are known to affect the working of sebaceous glands. For people suffering from acne, marijuana works by regulating excess oil production. While in people with dry and flaky skin. Marijuana improves sebum production of inactive sebum glands. Also, the fatty acids (Omega-3s and Omega-6s) and antioxidants found in hemp seed oil can help lock in moisture and prevent sun damage. Thus help improve dehydrated skin.

Skin Irritations

Marijuana extracts can help heal mild cases of skin irritations like scratches, rash, burns, bug bites etc. Since our body reacts to all injuries with an inflammatory reaction which sometimes leads to pain. With its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and pain-relieving properties, marijuana can be a great way to heal mild skin abrasions as well as skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema etc.

Anti Aging

All those lines and wrinkles that age, free radicals from environmental pollution and UV rays give you as a gift can be visibly reduced with marijuana. Here’s how it works. THC along with 100 other cannabinoids have a generous amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants stop the skin damage caused by free radicals and help repair skin. As a result, you have a youthful and healthy appearance to your skin.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana can be a great addition to your skincare routine. Whether CBD or hemp seed oil, consider using them to improve your skin health. If you need it for medical reasons, do not hesitate to visit your nearest 420 doctors in Fremont for consultation. Medical marijuana and medical cannabis is considered to be the best for the overall skin results.

Get yourself a marijuana product and enjoy its multifarious benefits.

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