How to Smoke Marijuana: Safety Tips For Beginners

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Marijuana is everywhere. Even if you don’t use it. You know someone who does. Or at least have caught onto the hype that is going around about its therapeutic properties. And if you are one of those people who had always wanted to experience marijuana by themselves. Now, that it is legal in most states and has a much relaxed opinion among the population. You are free to get your first try. Get to your nearest cannabis doctors in Fremont and go through the evaluation process. You can even get in touch with licensed professionals on your phone or laptop. Just make sure that the services are legit.

While a marijuana doctor will inform you of most of the important details. You must also do some research yourself. Marijuana is surrounded by a number of facts and information. You don’t need to know all of it. But must be aware of the crucial ones. For example, delivery methods.

What are delivery methods?

Delivery methods are the different ways in which you can deliver marijuana into your body. They vary in their onset time and potency. So based on your medical condition and preference. You can choose a method for yourself. One of the most common ways of delivery is smoking or vaping. Smoking and vaping are preferred for their instant effects. But, these methods are also known to have several side effects. 

So if you do choose smoking as your delivery method. Here are some safety tips that you should follow as a beginner.

Microdosing is important

Marijuana is a drug. So just like every other medication that is used to treat ailments. Marijuana also should be consumed in a dosage.  However, unlike other medications. Pinpointing a correct dose for a person can be difficult. This is because marijuana is unpredictable in its effects. They can vary from person to person. Based on their sex, tolerance, strain and even delivery method. The dose of each individual can be very different. This is why,  whether you are a recreational or medical user, you must practice microdosing. 

Microdosing is what even the doctors recommend.  In this method, you must remember the rule of going slow and small. What this means is that irrespective of the way you consume marijuana. You must start with a very low amount. And note down how it affected your body. With time continue the same process by slowly increasing your dose. This is the safest way to find out what quantity suits you best. 

Know how to deal with an overdose

Now you already know that finding the right dose is very similar to hit and trial. So there can be times when you end up overdosing on marijuana. Or times where you got a stash which was way more potent than your usual one. Or maybe your friend ended up smoking more than they usually do. In these scenarios, you must know how to sober up from such a high. 

Now first things first. A marijuana overdose is not lethal. However, it can considerably affect your brain and the body and lead to some very risky behaviours. Some of you may even end up feeling more anxious or start hallucinating. Others may even feel nauseous.

So how do you deal with it? Well, if you think it is getting worse. It is best to call 911. Or just try and sober up. You can sleep it out. Or get some food and water into your system. Another way is to grab some CBD product. As it counteracts the high caused by THC. 

Deep clean your gear

Smoking involves rolling marijuana into a joint which looks like a herbal cigarette. You light it up and inhale the smoke. So smoking doesn’t really involve much of a set up or gear.  However, in the present scenario of global coronavirus. Just avoid sharing your joint. As it can be an easy way of direct transmission. Similarly, do not share your stash, rolling paper or any other smoking accessory with anyone. As it is possible for you to contract the virus indirectly. 

In case of methods which involves the use of a smoking rig. Like vaping, dabbing and water pipes. You must make sure to clean your rigs. Since you will be continuously using it. And it is always in contact with your hands and lips. Just make sure to sanitize it with a cleaning agent of at least 70 percent alcohol.

Always buy from a licensed dispensary

The potency of marijuana can vary because of the conditions it was grown in.  Even two different stash of a similar strain can vary in potency based on the way it was grown. This difference can be a problem for people who need marijuana for their medical conditions. Some growers use pesticides and chemicals while others prefer compost. Some may use natural light while others may rely on indoor grow lights. Some may use soil while others may grow marijuana in hydroponic conditions. These differences do matter. 

This is why you must buy your stash from a licensed dispensary. Because they test every batch and openly list things like the chemical compositions, level of harmful materials if any like pesticides and growing conditions. This way you are safe and know what goes into your system.

Do not pair with alcohol

Alcohol and marijuana are a dangerous combination. Alcohol in itself is very toxic. And when marijuana also enters your system. They interact. In some cases, the sedative effects are doubled. So your cognitive function significantly decreases.

You can still call this a mild reaction. In other cases. The interaction between the two can be bad. It can cause nausea, anxiety and sometimes alcohol poisoning too. 

In fact, marijuana can interact with some of the medications as well. Like antidepressants and pain relievers. So if you are on some medication. It is always best to talk to the marijuana doctor about it. 

Be prepared for side effects

Smoking marijuana does come with a set of side effects. You may experience some of the common side effects like red eyes and dry mouth. Some even report of increased hunger. This is because of the cannabinoid THC that increases the feeling of hunger in your body. So you feel the need to much on something every time you have a puff. Some people may even go through a sore throat and cough. Though it is easily manageable. 

Final Thoughts

You can experience the health benefits of marijuana in a number of ways. So either you decide to smoke and vape or turn it into an edible. What’s important is to be safe and responsible. So make sure that when you start consuming marijuana. You keep these safety tips in mind.

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