Here’s How You Can Defeat The Quarantine Blues With Cannabis

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Quarantine was a term used in the medieval ages. Of course, until the world was hit by the COVID-19 virus. Now, everyone has a way to slip this word into a conversation. All thanks to the novel coronavirus. Now, we have to find new ways to live life with the virus. For instance, self-isolation, social distancing, wearing masks and gloves and working from home. However, it is imperative to follow these practices. It will help us curb the spread of the virus. 

So, while we remain indoors to flatten the pandemic curve, cannabis may come a little handy. For people who take cannabis under the supervision of 420 doctors, It is a medical requirement. But for adult marijuana users, cannabis can help add some extra flavor to the otherwise boring routine. You see, cannabis can really help you fight the quarantine blues if you mix it with some entertaining activities. It works best for many cannabis users, and I hope it works even better for you during these crucial times.


Run A Netflix Marathon

It’s quite obvious that you cannot run with your jogger partner or your friends. Even running alone requires you to wear a mask and stay socially distanced from everyone. So, you should run a movie marathon on Netflix. Make a list of all the movies sitting in the back burner. They become even more interesting and fun to watch under the influence of cannabis. You can also select a genre you never dared to watch in the past. Who knows you might begin to like the genre. Although, I suggest that you watch a good comedy to help kill the dreadful quarantine hours. 

With the amount of content on Netflix, it is guaranteed that you will never fall short of good movies. In fact, you can even run a marathon of TV series. My personal favorite is from the bygone eras. However, the choice is completely yours. You can watch anything that befits your taste.  

There’s Nothing Wrong With A Little Self-Indulgence

Self-care means you love yourself. So, how about indulging in self-care activities while you go to the high road. Trust me cannabis will help you amplify the whole self-pampering experience. You can treat yourself with the food you couldn’t eat before. A two-day cheat will not add any extra pounds to your well-maintained body. But you will definitely feel full and happy by the end of the day. You can also apply a face mask right before going to bed. And if you don’t have one at home, look into your pantry. There are dozens of face masks that you can make out of healthy food items. So, make one and apply it during the day or night. A little beauty routine every now and then will make you feel better. 

In addition to this, you can also draw a bath. After all, your office routines do not give you the freedom to bath lavishly. And quarantine is the perfect time to add some bath salts to warm water. While you pour yourself a cannabis-infused mocktail. If you want to take the whole experience to a new level, put some music on and stay in the bath-tub for a calming experience. You will not only feel relaxed by the end of the bath but also rejuvenated and high-spirited.

Cook Your Favorite Meal

Cooking is not my personal favorite thing to do during the quarantine, but I have a roommate who loves to cook. You see, the thing with cooking is that either you can like it or not. But we have to stay safe and healthy at the same time. So, the best option is to cook indoors and avoid ordering food from restaurants providing home deliveries. And doing it alongside cannabis can be a delicious treat. 

Go ahead and make a fancy meal. Start with the appetizer. Get your hands dirty while you carefully cook the main course. And end with your favorite dessert. By the time you have all your meals prepared, you will be famished and ready to eat everything that’s on the dinner table. Also, if you have no idea about how to cook, go, and watch some YouTube cooking videos. Then try to do exactly as instructed. Before you know you will start cooking and cannabis will help enhance the entire experience. 

Find Your Creative Potential

You don’t have to take art classes to be a creative person. We all have a hidden and inherent creative instinct. It helps us do things that we never thought we were capable of. It’s all about tapping into the hidden potential and making the most of your quarantine time. You can begin with something as simple as a drawing and sketching your favorite cartoons. With a hint of cannabis high and no art teacher to judge your performance, you can create and sketch whatever you feel like. 

Also, if you have an arts and crafts kit at home. Take it out and start thinking of anything that helps keep you busy and positive. For instance, you can make a DIY creative or anything that serves the purpose. As long as you have undertaken a creative endeavor, even a simple pen and paper with flowing thoughts will help you stay happy and motivated. 

Exercise With Cannabis

There are several studies out there. Some exclaim that cannabis can alleviate post-exercise symptoms such as inflammation and pain, While others believe that cannabis can help improve the overall efficiency. Whatever the case, if you take cannabis post-workout. One thing will happen for sure. You will feel no muscle soreness or pain and stay motivated to go for another work out session. If you feel you are new to the whole cannabis and exercise experience. Do not fret, you can always start small and keep the dose to a limited until you receive all the benefits. If you have any doubts, get in touch with a 420 clinic or 420 doctors to be on the safer side. 

As far as food exercise routines are concerned, you don’t need heavy tools or an exercise kit for the same. There are so many online at-home exercise sessions. They are not only effective but also home-friendly. So, go online and find one that suits your fitness requirements. You can also make the most of exercise by doing other types of exercises such as Pilates, Zumba, or simply yoga. 


Final Thoughts 

We are navigating through uncharted waters and it is okay to feel a little anxious and bored sometimes. However, safety is our weapon against the novel coronavirus, So, staying at home and under quarantine or isolation, helps us keep everyone around us safe. The only thing we need to do is find ways to stay positive and happy. Whether that includes running a movie marathon or self-pampering. You have to try some of these ideas to keep the quarantine blues at bay. 


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