Medical Marijuana vs Recreational Marijuana – What’s the Difference?

With the inception of recreational marijuana, experts believed that users of medical marijuana would plummet. But, recent times have seen a surge in demand for medical marijuana. It is quite evident that the benefit of medical marijuana is the reason why so many people are drawn towards this plant. However, in light of so many conflicting views concerning the differences between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, we share the critical facts that will help you choose whether you should go for a medical marijuana recommendation.

Let’s jump right in and figure the details that will help you choose the best form for yourself without an ounce of doubt.

Medical Marijuana vs Recreational Marijuana- THC And CBD Levels

This is probably one of the primary and vital differences between the two forms of marijuana available in the market. The purpose of recreational marijuana is fun mostly. A puff or two with your gang, that’s how it is. So, products tend to have higher THC content. With medicinal cannabis, the ratio of CBD: THC tends to on a higher side. The reason is simple. Medical users want to avoid the intoxicating effects of THC, despite its medicinal effects. So, growers make sure the strains have higher CBD content to counteract the negative effects of THC.

Medical Marijuana vs Recreational Marijuana- Access And Availability

Since there are many regulations concerning the possession of recreational marijuana, one needs to learn the difference between the two. Otherwise, you might face some stringent fines or jail time. In the states where marijuana is only approved for medicinal purposes, cannabis for fun purposes is entirely inaccessible. However, if you use products sourced from hemp, you won’t face any legal issues. The accessibility and availability of medical marijuana is far better than recreational marijuana, precisely why patients are switching to medical marijuana recommendation. 

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Medical Marijuana vs Recreational Marijuana- Legal Access

This is precisely the critical difference between the two. Although cannabis has been in the picture for some time now, the legal aspects are drastically different. Many places still face a lot of legal restrictions in case of the use of recreational marijuana. Some are hiding it, some deny it. However, with medical marijuana, there are no such issues. States and local bodies have accepted the existence of marijuana in the lives of thousands of patients.

But, here is the problem-

Federal guidelines take over most of the regulations. And as per them, medical marijuana is still a drug that could be related to addiction. So, you must learn about medical marijuana statewide regulations as well.

Medical Marijuana vs Recreational Marijuana- Quality

While there is no difference between the two forms of marijuana, one can find a striking difference between the two if the quality is the factor of determination. They surely have a similar growing process; the difference comes with the cultivation and production. If the product is meant for medicinal purposes, there are stricter guidelines in terms of quality. The same does not apply to recreational ones.

Can I totally be honest with you?

We don’t say that recreational users should get cheap quality, it’s just when it comes to curing disorders, the products tend to be safer. Isn’t that the reason, even with recreational marijuana around, patients prefer applying for a medical marijuana recommendation to access medical cannabis products.

Medical Marijuana vs Recreational Marijuana- Age Restrictions

When it comes to recreational marijuana, not everyone is entitled to taste the goodness or richness of the product. Almost every state allows using marijuana at an age above 21 years. This is what makes medical marijuana a more compelling choice than the former. There are cases where children have been allowed to use the product if they prove they have a debilitating health condition. Otherwise, one can go for this option if they are 18 years and above. 

Final Thoughts

You may wonder why is there any need for a discussion concerning “What is the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana?” But, since a few states enjoy the existence of both medical and recreational marijuana, one needs to understand what they might be missing, in case they don’t allow marijuana to be a part of their lives. However, if you are skeptical about going for a medical marijuana recommendation, the perks might help you choose wisely.

  • One gets access to strains with higher THC limits.
  • You get the benefit of buying the same strain at a lower cost.
  • You get access to marijuana, even if you are a minor.
  • You can grow your medication.

However, for that, you must be eligible for medical marijuana. Are you eligible? Go to your state’s official website and get your answers quickly.

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