Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cooking Cannabis Edibles

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You must be familiar with cannabis edibles. As cannabis is getting more popular, people are looking for different and unique ways to consume cannabis. And that’s why the cannabis industry is coming up with different cannabis products. You can now consume cannabis in different ways, as there are many cannabis products available on the market. This is especially true when it comes to medical cannabis. A lot of people look for a method other than smoking to consume cannabis, especially for medical purposes. With an MMJ card in Fremont, you can buy medical cannabis. Fremont marijuana doctors can help you get your MMJ card. And one of the popular methods of consuming cannabis is eating cannabis edibles.

Cannabis edibles have a huge fan following. They are tasty, fun, and can be consumed easily. The best part about cannabis edibles is that you can cook your own edibles. Many people love cooking their own cannabis edibles. Because they can make it the way they want. But there are some common mistakes that people have been making for years when cooking cannabis edibles. Today, we will discuss these mistakes and how you can avoid making them the next time you are cooking cannabis edibles.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can improve the flavor and consistency when cooking your cannabis edibles. You can also save time, money, and product by understanding these mistakes and how to avoid them. Also, there is not just one right way to cook good quality cannabis edibles. You need to experiment and try new things. But before doing it, you should learn about avoiding these mistakes. Let’s learn about these mistakes to cook tasty cannabis edibles in the best way possible.

Mistake 1. Spending too much money on your cooking bud

There are many stories of people using more than necessary amounts of cannabis when experimenting in the kitchen. But, you need to understand that you do not need a huge amount of cannabis. You will get the punch you are looking for with a less amount of cannabis only. You don’t need too much cannabis to cook your cannabis edibles. Using more than enough cannabis is, by some standards, wasteful.

Getting too much cannabis is nothing but a waste of money. And you can also make use of the primo bud for edibles. You can use the valuable cannabinoids present in shake, stems, trim, and leaves. You can also use cannabis flowers that have been vaporized to save some more money. But, what is shake? It is basically the leftover piece that you find at the bottom of your bad. It has a mix of several types of cannabis. Many people use mixed buds for their cooking, and save the prime stuff for smoking.

Mistake 2. Using raw cannabis for cooking

One of the biggest mistakes that newbies make is using raw cannabis for cooking. You need to remember that it is important to decarboxylate cannabis in the oven first. You should never just throw unactivated, raw cannabis into your batter or dish. Why? The first reason being that it will taste bad. And the second reason is that the cannabinoids present in cannabis will not fully activate and bind to lipids.

Cannabinoids in cannabis need heat to activate. Raw cannabis does not contain THC, it has THC-A. THC-A is the acidic form of THC, and you need to convert THC-A to THC. This is done by heating your cannabis. This process of heating cannabis is called decarboxylation. It is best to decarboxylate your cannabis in the oven. Because you can set the temperature and keep it steady in an oven.

Mistake 3. Heating or decarboxylating your cannabis at the wrong temperatures

In the previous point, we discussed that it is important to decarboxylate your cannabis before you cook it. And while it is crucial to decarboxylate your cannabis, you also need to do it correctly. This means you need to set your oven to the right temperature. Then you need to let it heat for long enough (heat the oven to 245 degrees Fahrenheit). Cook your cannabis for about 30 to 40 minutes. And keep mixing the buds every 10 minutes to activate the most surface area.

If you don’t have too much time, you can set the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and then cook for about 10 to 18 minutes. And do not forget to stir after every five minutes. But when dealing with delicate cannabinoids, nothing is better than the low-and-slow method.

Mistake 4. Grinding your cannabis into powder (too fine)

I have heard people suggesting newbies to use a food processor or coffee grinder to grind their cannabis. But this is a bad suggestion, and you should never consider doing it. The best way to grind your cannabis is to use a hand grinder. This will help you get a more coarse grind.

Grinding your cannabis too fine will give your edibles a strong grassy flavor. And trust me, you will not enjoy this flavor. It can also make your butter or oil turn a dark shade of green. Here are the reasons why you should not pulverize your cannabis with a food processor or a coffee grinder –

  • Your edibles will have a strong grassy flavor as it introduces chlorophyll to your oil.
  • It makes your butter or oil to turn green
  • It also makes it impossible to strain bad-tasting, unwanted plant material.

So, after decarboxylating your cannabis in the oven, use a hand grinder to grind it coarsely. Cannabinoids in cannabis readily bind to the oil’s fats. And a coarse grind allows them to get absorbed effectively without pulling in unwanted plant material.

Mistake 5. Not understanding how to incorporate concentrates

Well, it is nothing less than an art to cooking with premade concentrates, and it takes a little practice to get it right. But there’s no doubt that cooking with kief is joy, fun and easy. It has a fine texture that allows it to dissolve quickly in warm liquids. It can sometimes also dissolve in cold water; and other ingredients such as yogurt, sour cream, mayonnaise, and more.

But hash takes a little preparation and can be a hit trickier. It can have various textures from dry crumbly to sticky and putty-like. It depends on its consistency. You can use a small food processor or coffee grinder to grind it into a fine powder. On the other hand, you need to heat the sticky variety in a liquid until it dissolves. Even after this, sometimes, a hash can leave a slightly gritty texture. So, if you have a choice, go with kief.

Also, remember that cannabis concentrates are stronger than regular cannabis buds. So, you need to use less to get the same potency. This is especially true when dealing with modern concentrates such as waxes, oils, etc.

So, here you have some of the most common mistakes that people make while cooking cannabis edibles. You should avoid them to get the quality of edibles, you are looking for.

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