Do CBD Beverages Contain Less CBD Than Advertised? (Facts Explained)

Do CBD Beverages Contain Less CBD Than Advertised

Only a few months ago we read a report regarding mislabeled cannabis products and how it has become a big issue for the CBD industry. The report went on to say that even after issuing several warnings the problems of mislabeling seem inevitable. Companies are not following the guidelines and false information is passed on to a patient who tries to get a medical marijuana card in Fremont CA or some other region to avail of high-quality cannabis products. Not only this but only recently another review conducted by the FDA revealed that many products contain more or less CBD content than what the label reads. This also means that while people are buying CBD products to alleviate certain medical conditions, the uncertainty still lingers. 

Here’s What the Report Says 

According to an independent CBD testing report, CBD beverages have inconsistent labeling issues. While some products contained more CBD than what the label read or else the product had no or very less CBD, to begin with. The report also showed that 54% of the products contained less CBD than what was mentioned on the label. These CBD beverages were collected from famous brands and then tested in a lab. There were a total of 22 CBD beverages and most of them except four beverages showed increased inconsistencies. 

In addition to this, the report also suggested that because CBD beverages are not easy to formulate, even small irregularities can make a big difference. This, in turn, can be dangerous for patients consuming cannabis for medical purposes. Even though these findings are shocking, some people navigate smartly through these loopholes and take immense advantage of such shortcomings. 

Whether intentional or not, some brands tend to advertise a good picture in the eyes of the customer. However, the results are quite opposite to what the CBD products seem. You will find a wide range of products out there but imagine realizing finding out that you wasted your money on a product that contains less CBD than you require to treat your medical condition. The worst part is that the FDA does not regulate these products. This indicates that some companies will find a way to endorse mislabeled products. 

Deeper Analysis of the Report

Out of the 22 products tested independently, 12 had less CBD than what the label read while 2 CBD beverages contained no CBD at all. On the other hand, 18 products had 10% more CBD than what was advertised by the companies. The discrepancies show that the cannabis industry has a lot to deal with. Despite the recognition, problems like these push customers away from brands and from CBD treatment altogether. Even medical marijuana patients who get a medical marijuana card in Fremont CA or some other region look for valuable products. Unfortunately, just as the report suggests with only 4 A listed products out of the 22 samples, it is hard to become a loyal customer. 

That said, let’s look at the variations the report revealed. The brands advertised CBD beverages having 25mg CBD but the test reports showed a variation of 26.42%. This is not a huge variation and is deemed acceptable by people and companies who use and make CD beverages. The only problem was with products containing a variation as large as 68%. Such products will never receive approval in terms of consumer and market trust. Similarly, the report also mentioned that products like CBD water and some beverages do not contain any CBD at all, which is another major concern and setback for the companies too. 

Is There a Problem With the CBD Industry? 

Mislabeling is a big problem and let’s face it, customers are smart. This is one of the major reasons why the image of the CBD industry is lately tarnished. While not all brands mess around with the product’s quality. There are some famous as well as normal brands that showcased inconsistencies. So, as a customer, we suggest that you read the lab report of the product before using it. Some companies publish the lab report on their website, in other cases, you have to get your products tested. You’re not being a cannabis snob, you’re being smart and paying money for value-added products. 

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