The Most Important Cannabis Extracts

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The cannabis industry is on a rapid growth spurt. The demand for flowers is the same. But thanks to legalization the demand for concentrates has only grown. Today we will look at a couple of extracts that cannabis doctors in Fremont advise you to use.

This innovative addition to the world of cannabis through concentrates is much appreciated by the medical community as it gives people access to a much wider scope in terms of deciding their treatment plan.

This is a constantly evolving market. So, what you might think works today, might not work tomorrow. So in that vein, we have a list of concentrates that are enjoying immense popularity at this point in time.


This concentrate is made by carefully using heat and pressure. There are two ways to extract rosin. One is through the cannabis flower but most of the time it is done via commercial extractors. There the base product is bubble hash.

Only the harvested trichomes can create pure, solventless preparations that end in a wax-like to crystalline preparation. The end preparation depends on the finishing technique applied. It is the cleanest concentrate available on the market as no chemicals and absolutely minimum plant matter is used. This is a delicate concentrate that people love.

Full Spectrum / Sauce

Commonly referred to as the sauce, this is a popular concentrate that is a blend of terpene concentrate and THCA-rich crystalline. The end product is a rich full-bodied concentrate that mimics the high of the plant in almost every way.

The sauce (most of the time) is two separate products which are then combined into one. THCA crystals are first harvested and then different parts are taken out in stages. Resin is different as it has higher amounts of key terpenes but a lot less variety.

Live resin

This is a hydrocarbon-extracted concentrate that is created from plant material that is frozen both before and during the extraction process. It is this transformation that occurs after the process is complete that gives it the ”live” tag.  This entire process makes the concentrate a lot more flavourful and imparts the same effects as that of a living plant.

The fresh flower is not preserved in the standard cut, dry and harvest method. It has a pungent smell due to the way the terpenes are preserved.

THCA Crystals

This is a nearly pure form of the cannabinoid THCA. This crystalline is often called the purest form that THC can take. The white or slightly yellow look can often throw people off a little bit, especially if they are not too familiar with how it is made.

It is made in a similar way that other crystallizations are created. They start with a supersaturated solution made from THC  using solvent-based extraction methods.THC is a relatively unstable molecule and it changes when it is exposed to very little heat and light. So, this process needs to be completed in a very careful manner.

The high from a THCA crystal is very different from others as it is a very pure, clean form of a high. You get a burst of energy that fades in a light manner. The high is also described as much shorter providing more mental stimulation and fewer body effects.

Medical marijuana is quickly growing into a leading form of alternative medicine. In such a case it is important that one checks out all the possible alternatives that exist in the market and then select one that might be good for them. Another common misconception in the market is that one can only consume concentrates via smoking, which is wrong. There are other forms of consumption that you should explore.

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