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Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in Fremont

Cost Effective

In Fremont, if you have a medical marijuana card, you can buy cannabis at a much lower price than a recreational user. That is because the state of California levies reduced taxes of medical marijuana products. So, an MMJ card proves to be a cost-effective method to purchase cannabis. 5 Dispensary Access

Dispensary Access

Despite legalization, the number of recreational dispensaries are far less than medical cannabis dispensaries in the city. In some places, you may find only medical dispensaries. So, a medical marijuana card proves to be the most effective way to access cannabis in and California.

Health Management

Medical cannabis has proven to be effective in the treatment of several medical conditions. Whether suffering from a physical ailment or a mental disability, cannabis proves to be very useful. With an MMJ card, a patient can access more potent products to manage the condition effectively.

Lower Age Requirement

You have to be over 21 years of age to access recreational cannabis. Although, with a medical marijuana recommendation that lower age requirement is reduced to 18. So, anyone aged 18 or above with a medical condition can access legal medical cannabis in Fremont hassle-free.

Possession Limits

As per Proposition 64, medical cannabis users can possess and grow cannabis more than recreational users. While recreational users can purchase only 1 gram of cannabis in a day or 1000 mg of THC, medical users get to purchase 8 ounces or 2000 mg of THC in a day.

Quality MMJ Products

With a medical marijuana card, a person gets to access more potent MMJ products than what a recreational user has at their disposal. There are thousands of strains and cannabis products but recreational users are restricted to access only a percentage of these products. 4 Cost Effective

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  • Get a renewed MMJ card and continue using medical marijuana for alleviating your symptoms
  • We will consider your previous doctor’s recommendation


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  • Get your wallet-sized MMJ card delivered to your home within 1-3 business days
  • Get hassle-free purchase of cannabis products from any state-licensed medical dispensaries


$ 59.99
  • Get a doctor-signed medical marijuana recommendation letter in PDF valid for 1 year
  • Buy medical cannabis products in California legally

Frequently Asked Questions

A medical marijuana card allows you to access cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries legally. If you don’t get a card, you can’t get legal access to medical cannabis. Other benefits of obtaining an MMJ card are—cost-saving, access to more dispensaries, age relaxations, high-potency products, and permission to grow cannabis plants for personal use. So, approach a licensed medical marijuana doctor and get a cannabis ID card.

The process of getting a medical marijuana card at our clinic is very simple. It comprises three steps—create an account, see a licensed doctor using a HIPAA-compliant platform, and receive your MMJ recommendation letter in PDF format in just ten minutes. Your medical marijuana card will be sent to you through the mail in 1-3 business days.

Although individuals who want to use medical marijuana need to be at least 18 years of age, by law, minors can also access medical cannabis for alleviating their symptoms. Patients who are below 18 can designate caregivers to handle their medical marijuana treatment. Caregivers must be at least 18 years old and live in the same counties where the patients live. They can’t apply for MMJ cards. Caregiver registration is required and is valid for the same duration as the patient’s medical marijuana card.

No. The doctor-patient consultation is carried through a HIPAA-compliant platform, which ensures that the patient’s medical history, personal information, etc. is kept safe and not shared with any third party. So, sign up your account and be free from any worries.

To obtain a medical cannabis card in Fremont, you must be diagnosed by at least one of MMJ qualifying conditions. These include—anorexia, AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, spasticity, cachexia, persistent muscle spasms, including those associated with multiple sclerosis, seizures including but not limited to those associated with epilepsy, severe nausea, glaucoma, arthritis, and migraines. Also any other chronic or persistent medical symptom that substantially limits the ability of the person to conduct one or more major life activities (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) or if not alleviated, may cause serious harm to the patient’s safety or physical or mental health. During consultation, the doctor may ask you to show proof of your condition, so keep your medical history hand-ready.

Medical Marijuana Card in Fremont

420 Clinic With A Difference

Canna MD Fremont is a reputed name in offering medical marijuana evaluation to patients. We house the board-certified cannabis doctors who have rich experience and expertise in offering patients the best form of care. We understand that healthcare is an asset that everyone deserves. Our medical cannabis clinic ensures you receive the best form of care. Cannabis has emerged as one of the most trusted medicines in recent times. It’s natural and works brilliantly in managing multiple health conditions. Our clinic has state-of-the-art facilities that make accessing cannabis recommendations a breeze for patients. In addition, we have a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform that keeps all your information safe and secure with us. Our team of professional staff has served hundreds of patients and made them realize the full potential of their health. We feel that cannabis holds the potential to drive a positive change in society and we want to be the carriers of that change. Living with a debilitating health condition can be really challenging. We want to assure you that we will do everything in our capacity to manage your health condition. Our dedication to work and unmatched results have helped us secure a BBB (A+) rating. This speaks volumes about our work and if you are planning to use cannabis for your health, we are your best bet.

Is medical marijuana evaluation necessary?

If you are planning to gain legal access to cannabis, undergoing an evaluation is important. The laws surrounding cannabis are pretty strict and you need to have a medical cannabis card to prove your requirement. As a cardholder, you have the legal right to access, possess, and travel with cannabis. This means that you’re away from any hassle from the cops. In other words, having a recommendation makes everything a lot easier for you. Well, to gain access to the card, 420 evaluation is necessary. The process involves a certified MMJ doctor interacting with you via video call to understand the status of your health. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition. If the doctor approves your status, you are eligible to own a recommendation. It’s valid for 1 year and you can get an MMJ card renewal upon expiry. Owning a card comes with lots of benefits that include access to better quality products, and enhanced grow limits. It’s not just limited to that, you can dive into a better cannabis experience than recreational users. If you are planning to use cannabis, it’s advisable to undergo an evaluation. It unlocks a whole new world of benefits for you.

Expand your grow limit with a medical marijuana grower license

Growing your own cannabis plants is a dream for many. Thankfully, the legalization process allows people to grow cannabis with ease. Well, there is still a certain limit to what you can grow. Recreational users can grow only up to 6 cannabis plants. With a medical marijuana grower license, you can earn the right to grow up to 99 plants. This is surely a lot for someone who is planning to grow. Well, it’s important to note that this license allows you to cultivate only for personal use and you cannot sell the produce. If you decide to sell it, the law can punish you. So, it’s important that you operate within the legal boundaries of the state. As a reputed medical cannabis clinic, we offer you smooth access to marijuana grower licenses. Just follow a simple process and you can earn the right to expand the grow limit if you qualify. Our experts are always driven to help you.

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