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We believe cannabis is a versatile medicine that has long been in the shadows. But thanks to the recent wave of legalization things have been changing.

We are the leading provider of MMJ cards in Fremont, CA. Our team consists of highly qualified 420 doctors who work round the clock to provide you with the best of care at all times.

The biggest hurdle between a patient and medical marijuana at this time is the lack of awareness regarding cannabis and the many misconceptions that still exist even though cannabis is now legal on both the recreational and medical basis in the state of California.

When you come to us for your medical marijuana card, we ensure that we provide you with the requisite resources to make your way through the expansive world of cannabis. We are transparent with all our patients. We are happy to serve you today and help you begin your journey into the world of medical cannabis.

420 Doctor in Fremont

Providing 420 Evaluations

HIPPA Compliant

We use a HIPAA-compliant platform when consulting with patients thus ensuring that your privacy is maintained at all times. We do not share your information with any third-party.

100%Money-Back Guarantee

The only way to get a medical marijuana card is if you have a qualifying condition as stated in the California Proposition 215 along with Senate Bill 420. If by any chance you do not qualify for a medical marijuana card, we refund the amount you have spent to date without any delays.

Same Day Access

We hate waiting as much as you do. So, to ensure that you can access your cannabis medication as soon as possible, we get you your MMJ recommendation on the same day. We provide medical cannabis cards in Fremont at reasonable prices. We’re committed to providing exceptional services, and hold a five-star rating on Yelp.

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    You will receive your medical card in PDF format in 10 minutes by email. An embossed hard copy is sent by mail.

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