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Frequently Asked Questions

Canna MD Fremont offers a $20 medical card online. This is a plastic medical ID card with embossed seals. This card will add convenience and peace of mind to your life.

Medical marijuana card Fremont regulations include:

  • Medical recommendations
  • Patient qualification
  • Possession limits
  • Dispensary licensing
  • Cultivation guidelines

To stay current with the state’s medical marijuana regulations, you’ll need to check official government sources. Additionally, consulting with your healthcare provider for specific guidance is essential.

It is legal for homeowners to grow up to six marijuana plants. Only the resident’s own home, an attached garage, or any other completely enclosed, locked accessory structure that is totally situated on his or her legally owned property may be used for cultivation. You may only cultivate for personal use.

If you lose or misplace your Fremont medical marijuana card, contact the issuing agency or health care provider to ask for a replacement.

Yes, you can go to any Fremont dispensary without a medical card. However, you’ll only be able to purchase recreational marijuana, which includes state and local taxes.

Fremont medical marijuana cards can be used in other states if there is a reciprocity agreement between Fremont and the state where the card is issued. Fremont has no reciprocity agreements.

Patients and primary caregivers in California are permitted to purchase and possess up to 8 ounces of medical marijuana per day under the state’s medical marijuana program.

Medical marijuana card in Fremont is required to be renewed every year. The renewal fee for an MMJ Fremont card is $49.